Lucas Entertainment: Dan Saxon & Adam Killian flip-fuck in “Breeding at the Belvedere” (scene 3)

The third scene from “Breeding at the Belvedere” is a flip-fuck video starring Adam Killian and Dan Saxon. The latter one made a big splash with his first scenes on Lucas Entertainment. He’s a really good-looking guy.

It’s been pointed out more than once that he has the surfer look (and attitude) down solid, especially with his long hair, fresh face, and tanned muscular body. Ever since Dan Saxon hooked up and flip-fucked with the King of All Muscle Daddies, Tomas Brand, he has had a taste for daddies.

He has been fucking around with guys older than him. Adam Killian is a guy Dan has had his eye on for awhile, and the well-hung daddy was more than happy to strip down and fuck raw with Dan!

Watch Dan Saxon and Adam Killian flip-fuck at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment


Watch Dan Saxon and Adam Killian fuck at Lucas Entertainment



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