Disruptive Films: Dale Savage fucks Jack Bailey and Scott Finn in “A Virgin No More”

Jack Bailey and his best friend Scott Finn are getting fucked by his dad’s best friend in “A Virgin No More: The Offering“. The young boys bottom for daddy Dale Savage in this Disruptive Films video, which has been directed by Walden Woods.

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After Toby (played by Jack Bailey) loses his virginity to his dad’s best friend Carl (played by Dale Savage), Toby wants something serious with the older man. Unfortunately for Toby, Carl wanted a virgin, and now that Toby isn’t one, Carl is not interested.

That is until Toby’s father calls Carl to tell him that Toby and his best friend Will (played by Scott Finn) will be in Carl’s town and they need a place to stay.

Hearing that Will is coming with Carl gives Carl a bright idea. The old perv opens his home to Toby and Will, and Toby will do whatever it takes to get back in Carl’s good graces.

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Watch Dale Savage fuck Jack Bailey and Scott Finn



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