Sean Cody update: Dale bottoms for Asher and Josh plows Bentley’s hole

This Sean Cody update covers the studio’s two most recent scenes. In the first scene, we’re seeing Dale bottom for Asher (aka Ricky Donovan). The second video brings together dominant top Josh and submissive bottom boy Bentley. They make a great pair and they are clearly very much into each other.


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Dale gets fucked by Asher

Asher’s in the studio with short, black-haired hottie Dale today, and this bottom is super excited to be filming with the bearded Sean Cody star! Dale’s moans are loud as Asher starts to rim him, and he only gets louder as the top fingers his hole and fucks him doggy-style.

“OH!! FUCK!” Dale cries out, and Asher instructs, “Now back onto it. There you go.” Dale sucks the top, then rides him reverse before Asher puts him on his back on the sofa, spitting into his mouth as he pounds that hole. Dale shoots a load you’ll have to see to believe, and Asher rewards him with a nice thick creampie.



Josh dominates and fucks Bentley

“I’m so excited to be back. I’ve missed it,” says Josh. He’s also excited to be joined by new face Bentley. The guys get to know each other, and tattooed cutie Bentley tells Josh a bit about his love of cooking and sports, but Josh is more curious about what Bentley likes in the bedroom.

“Like to give people head, I like them to cum a lot. I’m definitely a pleaser,” Bentley says. The guys start kissing, and the bottom enjoys getting dominated by Josh as the handsome top undresses him, fucking his mouth and then pounding him in doggy-style. Josh cums all over Bentley’s ass, but he’s not done with that hole yet.



Watch Dale, Asher, Josh & Bentley fuck at Sean Cody



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