Czech Hunter #537: Another young Czech guy makes cash with his ass

Here’s “Czech Hunter #537” – the latest episode in which another young Czech guy makes some quick cash with his tight ass.

I went for a little walk to a nearby forest. When I was passing by a secluded railway station, I decided to try my luck. I turned on my camera and had a quick look around. To my surprise there was a cute young man waiting for a train. He was on the way to his brother’s birthday party.

I immediately noticed that he didn’t carry any kind of a present. His reply about being skint made me smile. This was going to be a fun afternoon. I offered the guy my help and not only did he drop his pants right at the station, he also sucked me off.

The boy then followed me to my place. Such an easy prey this cute and lean guy was. I hope he bought his brother something really fancy because I gave him plenty of cash in the end. Well, he let me do anything I wanted to him, so it was money well deserved.

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