Czech Hunter #536: In order to support his girlfriend, Adrian goes gay for pay

Adrian is the latest straight Czech guy to go gay for pay! This is “Czech Hunter #536” in which this 20 year old guy gets fucked and makes some cash to support his girlfriend.

I went for a nice walk along the river to enjoy weather. After a while I noticed a sad looking guy just sitting at the riverbank. I turned on my trusty camera and approached him. Adrian was a 20 years old guy in big trouble because of a crumbling relationship.

He needed money to pay rent and take care of the love of his life. She sounded like a bitch to me but who am I to judge? Anyways, he was looking for a way to make 25 000 Crowns and I was ready to help him. The guy was a bit shy for an outdoor action, so I took him to my business apartment.

For a straight man in serious relationship he enjoyed the ride quite a lot. First, we had a nice, gentle foreplay and then I stuffed my cock balls-deep in his mouth and ass. I seriously doubt the girlfriend was worth all that. I wonder if he told her…

Watch Adrian getting fucked in “Czech Hunter #536”

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Watch Adrian going gay for pay in “Czech Hunter #536”



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