Czech Hunter #531: A Cute Guy with a Boner is ready to make some Cash

Here is Czech Hunter episode #531 and this week’s boy couldn’t be more ready for sex. When he unzips his pants a big boner pops out. He’s not afraid to show his juicy uncut cock and it took little convincing. This boy was clearly horny and was eager to make some extra cash!

I was following a cute guy into a building but then I lost him. While I was looking around for him, I got locked inside. I decided to wait for someone, who would let me out. Thank god this young man showed up. I told him I was looking for my friend’s family but obviously he never heard of them.

I decided to strike before he would get upset about a stranger in his apartment building and offered him 2 000 Crowns for a look at his cock. He was a bit surprised at first but dropped his pants right in the hallway. Now was my turn to be surprised because he had a huge boner!

I only had to offer him a bit more money and he took me to his flat. The guy was ripped and had a nice cock so I didn’t waste time and made him more offers. I hope the building had thick walls because this dude was very loud.

Watch this boy getting fucked in Czech Hunter 531

Czech Hunter Discount
Czech Hunter Discount


Watch this horny boy take cock in Czech Hunter 531


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