CockyBoys: Cory Kane is back and bottoms for new exclusive Leo Louis

After two years, Cory Kane is finally back at CockyBoys. In this hot outdoor scene, he bottoms for hung, new exclusive Leo Louis. Cory hikes and cruises in the woods and comes upon shirtless artist Leo who is busy sketching.

Once Cory takes out his big dick and strokes it, Leo is riveted and puts away his sketchpad to follow Cory into the woods. They make out until Cory Kane gets on his knees. When Leo Louis unzips and his hard cock is revealed, Cory is faced with a big challenge!


Cory uses his mouth and his hands to service that big cock until Leo takes charge. He sensuously sucks Cory’s thick cock and easily puts Cory under his spell. So, when Leo makes his next move, he doesn’t even have to order Cory to bend over. He just does, as Leo buries his face in his ass crack.

He uses his tongue to lube Cory’s hole for the big one. Leo partially eases his cock into Cory, stretching him out, and barely goes into him halfway. He decides to give Cory a break and they lie together on a blanket.

They kiss and stroke themselves and each other for a bit until Leo makes his next move. Turning Cory on his side he rims him and works his cock into his hole. This time Leo doesn’t hold back and drills Cory’s hole deeper.

Finally, Leo gets Cory on his back to pound him balls deep. Leo’s ass-pounding leads to him fucking a load out of Cory. As Leo gets close, Cory begs for a facial. Leo delivers big time with a thick load covering Cory’s face and Leo spreads it all over with his cock and hands.

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