CockyBoys: Aiden Ward rides Shane Cook’s big raw cock

Aiden Ward bottoms for new CockyBoys exclusive Shane Cook! These sexy boys are into each other from the get-go, especially when their desires mesh: Aiden wants to be controlled and manhandled and that’s just what Shane likes. Wrapped in his arms Aiden is extra-excited watching this and everything going forward happens in the mirror.

As Shane Cook grinds his bulging crotch against him he releases Aiden Ward‘s big boner and it isn’t long before Shane is choking him the way he wants it while Aiden jacks his cock excitedly. Shane soon sits back and gets Aiden to show him his hole so he can play with it while Aiden teases his cock. After a little more passionate manhandling, Shane takes the challenge of sucking Aiden’s big dick.


He perseveres prompting Aiden to take the “bigger” challenge of sucking Shane’s beercan cock. He too persists, only stopping for an acrobatic 69 and Shane’s rimming, before sitting on his cock and riding him. Aiden rides Shane’s cock both ways before giving up control. Shane savors Aiden’s stretched out hole, then lays him on his tummy to slobber on his cock. He then pounds him in a version of the “bumper cars” position before pounding Aiden on his back.

Adding a little choking and toe sucking spice, Shane doesn’t stop until he’s fucked a load out of him. Finally, as Shane lies back, he pumps his cock giving Aiden a big thick facial and sharing a big kiss. And still, Shane is rock hard presenting Aiden with a temptation he can’t resist so, of course, goes back to sucking him. Did this lead to an off-camera “round two”? Our lips are sealed.

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