MEN: Chris White and Troye Dean fuck each other in “Hardcore Gaming”

This update – called “Hardcore Gaming” – brings Chris White and Troye Dean together for some hardcore flip-fuck action.

Troye is planning to seduce his boyfriend Chris by showing him the new plug he put in, but Chris is too absorbed in his game to even look at his man’s butt in his face!

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Atr first, the gamer doesn’t seem to notice as Troye Dean fucks his mouth and his feet. Chris White looks up when Troye loudly cums, saying it’s the most intense orgasm of his life.

Chris knows he can make his boyfriend cum harder than any toy can, so he rims Troye, then sucks his cock before pounding him doggy-style. Then it’s Troye’s turn to penetrate his man in a flip fuck combo.

The horny gamer maxes out his pleasure gauge as he rides Troye’s dick and takes it deep enough in piledriver to lick his own tip! Both of them cum on Chris’s face, setting a new orgasm high score.


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