Brother Crush: Chris Star and Dante Drackis suck and fuck in “Laundry Day”

The guys from Brother Crush have paired up Chris Star and Dante Drackis! Tatted and tough Chris Star may seem like he doesn’t want to play games with his older stepbrother Dante Drackis, but inside, the boy yearns for his touch.

Today, when the older guy walks around the kitchen with his uncut cock hanging out, the boy can’t conceal the big boner forming inside his sweatpants. Luckily, his big buddy isn’t shy. He grabs the kid’s tender cock and slips it between his lips for a spit-soaked blowjob.

Brother Crush

He spreads his legs and enjoys a passionate rimjob, letting his younger stepbro swirl his tongue around his pulsating asshole. Then, he sits on his little buddy’s rod and enjoys a raw cock ride before getting a mouthful of cream!

Tough boy Chris Star can’t keep his eyes off his older stepbrother’s cock as he walks around the kitchen half-naked. After some temptatious teasing, the older guy grabs his little buddy’s cock, slips it between his lips, and sits on it for a raw anal ride!

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