Raging Stallion: Chad Hammer, Cole Connor & Killian Knox fuck in “Scrum” (scene 1)

The opening scene from the new Raging Stallion movie “Scrum” is a hot threeway. Both Chad Hammer as well as Cole Connor make their debut at Raging Stallion and they have been paired up with Killian Knox.

This movie has been directed by Tony Dimarco and contains five hardcore scenes. Get ready for sweaty rugby players and a lot of bareback locker room action!

Raging Stallion

Cole Connor comes off the fields and hits the shower when he notices teammates Chad Hammer and Killian Knox working out some sore muscles by the lockers. As Killian is massaging Chad’s shoulder, he notices the bulge growing in Chad’s shorts and directs his attention to Chad’s cock with his mouth.

Cole takes notice of what the other players are doing and towels off so he can join them. Instantly, Cole is between the studs getting his ass ate and his mouth fucked. The teammates are in tune with each other like a well-oiled machine. They are sucking and rimming with abandon, leading to Cole’s hole getting double-teamed by Killian and Chad’s tongues.

The energy intensifies, and Killian Knox takes charge sliding his bare cock into Cole’s hole. It’s not long before the ball changes possession with Cole Connor making a quick move to blast his dick into Killian’s ass bareback.


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The athletic maneuvers have Chad Hammer scrambling to find an opening, and he drives his post in the goal that is Cole’s raw ass, while Cole is still deep in Killian. The cock sucking, ass fucking frenzy continues as a perfectly executed series of plays where everyone wins.

With Chad’s cock buried in Cole’s ass, Cole unloads a thick load that covers Chad’s abs. To get Chad off, Cole fucks his hole until he bursts all over himself. Being the team player that he is, Cole slides inside Killian, pounding his ass until he erupts with a fountain of cum. Everybody scores!


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Watch Chad Hammer, Cole Connor and Killian Knox fuck in “Scrum” (scene 1)

Raging Stallion


Watch Chad Hammer, Cole Connor & Killian Knox fuck in “Scrum”



“Scrum” – Cast & Release Dates

“Scrum”: Rugby players grabbing on to each other in a pack closely huddled together attempting to gain possession of the ball. These rough and sweaty studs on the Raging Stallions rugby team “Scrum” for balls, play well together and score repeatedly in the latest bareback hardcore release.

Get ready for some serious locker room action and jock-strapped, musky, raw release as director Tony Dimarco coaches a team of nine beefy, athletic hunks to take their competitive intensity from the field and let it energize the hot sexual action!

Scrum gay porn movie


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