Raging Stallion: Chad Hammer and Alpha Wolfe flip-fuck in “Get A Room Too” (scene 1)

Get A Room Too” is the new Raging Stallion movie and starts with a hot flip-fuck scene. Director Tony Dimarco has paired up Chad Hammer and Alpha Wolfe.

Raging Stallion

A horny Chad is doing some window shopping on his vacation at an all-male resort by peeking into all of the rooms until he finds something he can fuck. After strolling past Alpha Wolfe‘s room, he finally spots something he likes.

The bearded daddy invites Chad Hammer in and opens his hole for the cruiser’s raw cock. With his dick balls deep in the hairy hunk’s ass, Chad slaps Alpha around and Alpha rides Chad so hard that the squeaky bed frame starts screaming.

Once his hole is stretched out to his satisfaction, an aggressive Alpha turns his attention to busting open Chad. The furry man grunts loudly and Chad moans in a mixture of pain and pleasure as the hot top uses his bushy cock to bareback Chad’s hole.

Covered in sweat and his own musk, Alpha watches as his bottom squirts his messy load all over the bed before churning out his own thick batch of hot spunk onto Chad’s naked body.


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Watch Chad and Alpha flip-fuck at Raging Stallion

Raging Stallion


Watch Chad Hammer and Alpha Wolfe fuck at Raging Stallion



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