Icon Male: Casey Everett gets fucked by his stepdad Dillon Diaz in “Keep My Mouth Busy”

Icon Male has released the third scene from their movie “The Stepfather 5“. In this video – called “Keep My Mouth Busy” – sexy Casey Everett gets fucked by his hot stepdad Dillon Diaz.

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Casey Everett is getting ready to watch TV, but he’s got something much better on his mind, his stepfather’s cock. Casey’s mom is out of town and stepdad Dillon Diaz decides to keep Casey company in front of the TV.

Things start to get a little uncomfortable when Casey moves in for the kill, or should I say for the cock! These two horny men take care of each other’s needs with lips, tongues, assholes, and cocks. Popcorn anyone?


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Watch Casey Everett bottom for Dillon Diaz in “Keep My Mouth Busy”

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