MEN: Calhoun Sawyer fucks stylist Sean Zevran in the third scene from “The Fab 3”

After getting his ass fucked by stylist Diego Sans and taking Paul Canon’s hard cock, Calhoun Sawyer gets to fuck the third member of “The Fab 3” team, the sexy Sean Zevran.

The only thing gardener Calhoun Sawyer does on his days off is play video games for hours, so the Fab 3’s culture expert, Sean Zevran, wants to encourage the Southern charmer to discover a new hobby or passion that could help him to blossom.

Sean encourages Calhoun to volunteer, and Calhoun volunteers to suck Sean’s cock! The guys strip and Sean swallows Calhoun’s boner as the sexy gardener fingers his hole, then firmly plants his tongue inside.

Sean rides Calhoun’s pole, and Calhoun takes a quick break to deep-throat the bottom before fucking him behind. The Southern top gives the culture expert a huge facial, and Sean licks Calhoun’s cock clean as he jacks off and cums. Another amazing transformation complete!


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Watch Calhoun Sawyer fuck Sean Zevran in “The Fab 3” (scene 3)


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