Disruptive Films: Hairy daddy Cain Marko fucks Isaac Parker in “Come Outside”

This intergenerational scene from Disruptive Films – starring Cain Marko and Isaac Parker – is called “Come Outside“.

Brent (Isaac Parker) has been locked in his house ever since the ‘incident’ that changed the landscape of the city and its population.

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It’s wild on the ‘outside’ and humans have become feral in an attempt to survive.

Though he’s bored in his gilded cage, Brent knows it’s best that he doesn’t leave the safety of his home. One day, he sees a man (Eric) outside his window.

The man (Cain Marko) is unkempt and primal but, through the window, he manages to convince Isaac Parker (Brent) that things are better on the outside than he believes.

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Watch Cain Marko fuck Isaac Parker in “Come Outside”



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