Men At Play: Bruno Max fucks his roommate’s boyfriend Andy Star

Bruno Max and Andy Star fuck in the latest Men At Play release, called “The Roommate“. Andy has spent the night at his boyfriend’s shared apartment. After his boyfriend leaves for work, Andy takes a shower and goes to get some coffee wearing a towel wrapped around his waist.

Bruno Max, the roommate, is dressed and ready for his morning coffee before heading to the office. He gets a pleasant surprise when he runs into Andy Star and his towel “accidentally” falls off.

Men At Play

While getting dressed, Andy realizes that he forgot to bring a tie to wear. He enters Bruno’s bedroom and finds one that will work. When he’s just about to leave the bedroom,

Bruno walks in on him. Andy apologizes and asks Bruno to please not tell his boyfriend. Bruno agrees not to say anything but Andy wants him to keep an even bigger secret.

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Men At Play


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