Fuckermate: Bruno Cano rides Franklin Acevedo’s thick cock in “Plug Your Cock In Me”

The latest Fuckermate release – called “Plug Your Cock In Me” – brings together Bruno Cano and Franklin Acevedo. You may both recognize from the scenes they’ve filmed with TimTales. When his ass is on fire, Colombian power bottom Bruno loves to enchant and seduce the first Alpha male he meets, and this time he had a very greedy occasion.

He has called an electrician to fix a power fault and gets a huge surprise when he opens the door to Franklin Acevedo, with his monster bulge on full display. Bruno Cano needs only a few winks to show his intentions.

In a minute he kneels down to suck the massive hard dick in front of him, licking and swallowing every single inch like it was his last meal. Anxious to dip that fierce cock of his, Acevedo sits on the couch.

He makes Bruno ride him, pumping and thrusting his 9 raw inches of pure passion into the boy’s smooth hole. When at the end moans get louder Franklin cannot resist anymore and finishes all over Bruno’s angelic face, covering it with thick white cum!

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