BelAmi Update: Bruce Querelle, Serge Cavalli, Sven Basquiat, Jason Bacall & Corey Stark

This BelAmi update covers the studio’s latest three releases! Bruce Querelle pumps his beautiful uncut cock into Serge Cavalli in the first hardcore video. The second one brings Sven Basquiat and Jason Bacall together. The latest solo scene is a casting video starring Corey Stark.

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Bruce Querelle fucks Serge Cavalli

Bruce Querelle and Serge Cavalli venture a little into a ‘self-love’ fantasy today when they realize that they are quite strikingly similar looking. Serge may have brown eyes and Bruce blue, but other than that they are really quite alike. Since it is not really possible to make love to yourself, they decide that the next best thing is to fuck with someone who looks like you.

Both our guys today are totally versatile, so we were rather hoping that director Marty would have filmed a flip-flop scene for us, but It seems that is just Bruce’s turn to be the top today. The lovemaking is really intense right from the beginning, and we all know by now that Serge is really very enamored of a good fucking.



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Jason Bacall fucks Sven Basquiat

Being the resident cook seems to work out well for Sven Basquiat a lot of the time. It always puts him right in the middle of the action, and feeding the guys makes them feel extra appreciative and friendly.

Today it is Jason Bacall‘s turn to show his appreciation upon Sven’s eager ass. We’re pretty sure that his energetic performance here will earn him an extra potion for dinner…. that is if Sven is not too worn out to work after his afternoon ravaging by Jason.



Watch Sven Basquiat bottom for Jason Bacall



Corey Stark (solo casting)

Those of you with keen memories will remember that this is not the first time you have seen Corey Stark. He made his debut with a fabulous photo session back in June 2019. Unfortunately, Corey never made it past the casting and photo stages, so sadly this is the last that we will get to see of him.



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