Masqulin: Boomer Banks bottoms for Damien Stone in “First Person Fantasy”

In “First Person Fantasy” from Masqulin, porn stars Boomer Banks and Damien Stone have been paired up.

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Jason and his wife Jill are trying to spice up their relationship by trying out a new virtual sex room where they can give in to their inhibitions without any risk or judgment. Little does Jason know, Jill wants to experience being a man, and to her surprise finds out that Jason wants to be with one.

In this judgment-free environment, the two avatars (Boomer Banks and Damien Stone) worship each other’s cocks and asses as Jill tops her wanting husband’s bubble butt with her huge virtual cock. Inadvertently, she may have unlocked her husband’s true desires for sexy guys and their hot seed.


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Bareback Porn at Masqulin


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