Blake Mitchell raw-fucks Levi Karter in “It’s Finally Summer” (Camp CockyBoys 2020)

CockyBoys has released the first scene from their annual “Camp CockyBoys” series. Since 2017, Camp CockyBoys guarantees lots of fun, sun and passionate sex. The opening scene for 2020 is called “It’s Finally Summer” and features fan-favorite cocky boys Blake Mitchell and Levi Karter.

Things may be different at Camp CockyBoys this year, but Blake Mitchell and Levi Karter make their time alone together even more special. They catch up first, before making new memories enjoying privacy, nature, home cooking, fun in the pool… and raw sex.

After frolicking in the pool Levi sees Blake getting hard and in no time gets his trunks off so he can suck Blake’s big uncut dick. Blake soon lies back in the lounge chair where Levi’s blowjob skills bring him right to the edge. However, Blake stops him so he can give Levi equally pleasurable sucking.


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Next, Levi takes Blake to the more secluded and intimate porch where he resumes deep-sucking him. Blake’s hands wander to probe Levi’s ass and in time Blake has him bent over to rim and finger his hole.

That is all Levi needs to move on up and ride Blake’s cock. He rides him every which way and knows exactly which position is right for both of them. Blake knows his stuff too and picks up limber Levi and puts him on his back to plow him hard.

Still in control, Blake passionately fucks Levi from the side, each thrust hitting the target until he makes Levi shoot his load all over himself. This pushes Blake over the edge and he give Levi an open mouth facial… and gets sucked dry.

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