CockyBoys: Blake Mitchell and Carter Dane star in the finale of “ALL SAINTS” Chapter II

This is the grand finale of the CockyBoys series “ALL SAiNTS” (Chapter II). It features an incredibly hot pairing between porn superstars Blake Mitchell and Carter Dane. The gay porn saga which began in CockyBoys’ “Answered Prayers” series now comes to a spectacular end.

We return to Carter Dane in his dreams and two years after the end of “ALL SAiNTS” (Chapter I). Now residing in New Orleans, Carter is surprised to be visited by Adrian (Calvin Banks) who seeks a kind of reconciliation and brings him an inexplicable offering. Later that night, Carter is drawn to the offering and when he views it, the kaleidoscopic truth about himself is revealed.

Blake Mitchell fucks Carter Dane in the finale of ALL SAiNTS (chapter 2)

The next morning, awakened in more ways than one Carter, at last, comes to Adrian (Calvin Banks) who is already hard and horny. After some sensual kissing, Carter sucks Adrian’s big cock and offers up his own bubble butt.

Adrian rims Carter and soon dominates his hole with a hard fucking. Carter welcomes the aggressive pounding he gets from Adrian in every position they take. Finally, Adrian (Calvin) drills him with precision to fuck a load out of Carter and then breed him.

As they lie together in the romantic afterglow, a seemingly harmless observation is made reminding Carter of his truth and looming destiny. Carter later returns to the place once occupied by the religious studies institute and finds much has changed.


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Appearing out of nowhere is the building’s apparent new occupant The Tailor (Blake Mitchell) who confronts Carter with cryptic queries and riddles before he himself realizes who Carter might be. After his blind assistants cutaway Carter’s old garments The Tailor angrily orders them out so that he may fashion his new attire.

The Tailor only partially re-dresses Carter before turning his attention to seducing him. Carter willingly falls under the control of The Tailor (Blake), sucking him deeply and slowly undressing him before intuitively following his unspoken order to sit on his cock and ride him.


While The Tailor (Blake) can watch himself in the mirror he soon gets Carter turned around so he can watch too as he rides him. The Tailor, vocally dominates and encourages Carter and soon turns him around to eat his ass and hold him tight ass he fucks him and proclaims ownership with cocky assurance.

At last, after sucking Carter, The Tailor (Blake) relentlessly fucks him on his back until Carter shoots his thick load over himself. In short order, The Tailor pulls out and shoots his load over Carter. And, in the intense afterglow, one final truth is revealed, one more choice is made, and as a result, a very long journey reaches its next and possible last destination.

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