CockyBoys: Blake Dyson rides Zeke Wood’s thick cock in a hot outdoor scene

CockyBoys has yet released another hot outdoor scene from their “Camp CockyBoys” series. Zeke Wood has a romantic side and he brings it out for someone special: Blake Dyson! He pretties up the porch and the double-sized chaise lounge, lights a fire in the outdoor hearth, and invites over Blake.

Touched by the attention and taken by Zeke’s hotness, Blake can’t resist kissing him and in no time, shirts come off and Blake goes down on Zeke. His enthusiastic cocksucking is just what Zeke likes and Blake sucks his balls in eager response to Zeke’s soft-spoken commands.


Zeke Wood is excited to reciprocate and suck Blake Dyson, who is inspired to spout some sex talk of his own. But Zeke really wants to eat his ass and he goes to town on it while Blake goes back to deep-sucking Zeke’s big dick.

Blake needs to have his cock inside him though. He lies on his back and is thrilled to get his hole pounded, as much as Zeke is as he delivers a power topping. And when Zeke wishes it, Blake turns over so he can plow him from behind.

Again, when Zeke wants him to ride his cock, Blake delivers without fail. He bounces up and down on Zeke’s cock, really working his hole and taking all the jack-hammering up inside that Zeke doles out. But Blake goes back to riding him, finding the perfect position until he shoots his load.

He keeps riding Zeke, who takes over fucking and just as Blake wants, he shoots his load deep inside him. What little seeps out Zeke fingers into Blake, making sure he’s bred!

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