CockyBoys: Newcomer Blake Dyson bottoms for Zach Astor and takes his meaty raw cock

Newcomer Blake Dyson makes his CockyBoys debut and Zach Astor is the one to welcome him! Blake has a story to share on how he came to CockyBoys and to porn in general. He also lets us know he likes to be kissed on the neck and back and really likes his ass eaten.


Zach Astor gives him exactly what he wants and puts Blake Dyson in a state of vocal ecstasy. When he gets his chance, Blake puts Zach in a similar state by sucking his cock. Blake soon gets into a 69 and Zach resumes eating his ass, but his desire to be inside Blake is overwhelming.

Zach gets Blake on his back and after spit-lubing his hole, he maneuvers his cock into him and fucks him deep. Once again Blake is in utter, breathless bliss as Zach pounds him on his back and from the side. The deeper he goes the more Blake utters vivid sex talk and the more excited Zach gets as he drills him from behind.

After kissing Blake along his back, Zach pulls out to rim his ass again and flip him on his back to suck his cock and give him more vocal pleasure. But now Zach wants Blake to ride him, and he does.

Blake shoots a thick load over Zach’s abs. The newbie keeps riding Zach right up to the edge, dismounting quickly to get a tasty facial. As Blake gives Zach a sticky kiss, they are both full of compliments for how good everything was.

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