CockyBoys: Benjamin Blue gets fucked by Skyy Knox in a hot outdoor scene

The sexy Skyy Knox is back at CockyBoys for a very special date with Benjamin Blue! The guys get out of the city and take a romantic road trip to Skyy’s family property where they can be alone to connect. There they play outdoors before Skyy takes Benjamin to the barn to pursue his lustful ambitions.

The guys passionately make out and as they start to undress, Skyy teases Benjamin’s ass. He then turns him around to deep-suck his cock and once Skyy’s hard cock is revealed, he takes Benjamin out into the open. He bends him over the wood fence and rims his smooth hole.


Skyy Knox can’t hold back any longer and jackhammers Benjamin Blue‘s hole so hard the fence shakes. Benjamin really loves it and readily obeys when Skyy orders him to suck him. The horny bottom takes every inch and doesn’t hesitate when told to ride “daddy’s dick”. Benjamin bounces up and down on Skyy’s cock every which way and gets close to the edge.

Benjamin suddenly gets playfully naughty though and scampers away, goading Skyy to chase him. Skyy catches him on a nearby crate and after some more passionate kissing lies Benjamin back for more drilling. In no time Skyy fucks a load out of Benjamin!

He doesn’t stop until he shoots a thick load over Benjamin’s hole and pumps it into him. As they kiss again you might think Skyy has fucked the naughty city boy out of Benjamin, but both Skyy and you are in for one more little surprise. It looks like Benjamin wants more fucking!

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