Lucas Entertainment: Babylon Prince & Tomas Brand flip-fuck in “Banging & Breeding” (scene 2)

The second scene from the Lucas Entertainment movie “Banging & Breeding” is a hot flip-fuck starring Babylon Prince and muscle daddy Tomas Brand.

Lucas Entertainment

Babylon has a macho attitude about him. He’s usually on top when he is in bed with other guys, fucking their asses deep and hard with his erect hard-on. But sometimes Babylon gives in and embraces his submissive side, which is exactly what happens when he encounters Tomas.

Tomas Brand invites Babylon Prince back to his hotel room. Babylon takes a shower while Tomas waits on the bed for him still wearing his navy blue tank and khaki shorts. When Babylon emerges from the bathroom he drops his towel to reveal his erect cock.

A hot and intense fuck ensues where both Tomas Brand gives his ass to Babylon Prince for a deep fucking, and Babylon returns the gesture. On his back, Babylon spreads his legs for muscle daddy Tomas Brand.

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Watch Babylon and Tomas fuck at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment


Watch Babylon Prince and Tomas Brand flip-fuck



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