CockyBoys: Avery Jones gets fucked by Sharok and receives a messy facial

In this CockyBoys video, heartbroken Avery Jones is given an afternoon of passion from a hot and sexy stranger (sharok). Avery is sad and just wants to be alone listening to his music, but passerby Sharok wants to help… and won’t take no for an answer.


Sharok buys Avery Jones lunch and after a fun food and conversation, a grateful kiss turns into a full-on make-out session. It isn’t long before Avery is on his knees sucking Sharok and making him swoon with his deep-throating.

Sharok turns Avery around and eats his ass, burying his face in his crack and thumb-probing his hole. Sharok starts fucking Avery deep, only stopping to spit lube his hole. When Sharok takes a break, Avery goes right back to swallow his cock. Avery is insatiable and keeps sucking Sharok as he lies back enjoying the pleasure.

Sharok resumes his control when Avery starts riding his cock by holding his arms behind his back and thrusting up into him. Avery then turns around and sits on his face and Sharok’s tongue action drives Avery to sit on his cock again and take more deep thrusts.


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Sharok effortlessly lifts up Avery, still impaled on his cock, and puts him on all fours to eat his ass again. He then starts pounding Avery from behind. Driving his cock into Avery every which way Sharok then flips him over to drill him. As he does, Sharok sucks Avery’s feet and kisses him passionately while fucking him steadily until Avery shoots his load.

Sharok is close too and lies back to stroke his cock. Avery helps Sharok over the edge by sucking his nipples while Sharok probes Avery’s hole with almost all fingers. He gives Avery a facial which is almost all gobbled up. They kiss again and Sharok holds him tight, Avery’s sadness now melted away.

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