TimTales: Augusto Phellipe bottoms for Igor Silva and takes his juicy 10-inch cock

The sexy Augusto Phellipe is back at TimTales! In his second scene, he bottoms for Igor Silva and his juicy 10-inch cock.


A bright Rio de Janeiro sun, a refreshing pool, and a massive raw cock are the perfect ingredients for an epic breeding session! Augusto Phellipe couldn’t agree more.

He has been paired up with Igor Silva. That humongous Brazilian cock is incredible from every angle. Especially deep inside Augusto’s mouth and raw ass.

Let’s face it, Igor is one of the sexiest Alpha fuckers in Rio de Janeiro. That bad boy knows how to use that weapon of deep destruction. And Augusto is the one to testify.

So put on your FPS Dirty and get ready for one epic scene that will go down in the annals of porn history!

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