Pride Studios: Aston Springs gets fucked by Angel Ventura in “Stepbrother Angst”

The Pride Studios Network has released a new Family Creep scene, called “Stepbrother Angst“. Aston Springs comes downstairs talking on the phone when he sees a note and some cookies left by his parents. His parents have told him and Angel Ventura that while they are gone for the day, they both need to do the chores on the list and work together.

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Aston Springs laughs at the note and is not inclined to start soon. He heads outside to catch some sun. Angel Ventura comes downstairs and sees the note and is excited about the chores and he eats a few cookies. He begins cleaning right away and starts in Aston’s room.

As he begins to clean, he quickly comes across a gay porn mag and can’t believe that his stepbrother is gay as well. This is all new to him and he starts sniffing his step brother’s undies while rubbing his cock. Aston comes into the room and startles Angel who has Aston’s underwear in his mouth and his hand down his pants.


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Aston is angry but they soon come to an agreement and they begin kissing. Angel leads the way as they both get naked and he wraps his mouth around that sexy cock of his making him nut instantly. Aston can’t believe his stepbrother just made him nut that quick.

Angel hyped up from the early jizz, begins to fuck his tight smooth ass in multiple positions until his tight hole can’t take it any longer. Soon enough Aston is busting another nut and this time so is Angel. They both can’t believe they fucked each other and then they hear their parents knocking on the door…

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