MEN: Kyle Connors, Kaleb Stryker, Jack Hunter, and Nate Grimes fuck in “Grateful For Squash”

This foursome from is called “Grateful For Squash“. It’s a hot bareback scene starring Kyle Connors, Kaleb Stryker, Jack Hunter, and Nate Grimes.

Nate has planned a special Friendsgiving feast, but when his buds cancel at the last minute, he asks his neighbors to share the bounty. Kyle and Kaleb are excited to be invited. Jack is most interested in playing with Nate’s prize-winning gourd… and himself, as Nate catches him jacking off in the bathroom before dinner.

When the other guys go help Nate Grimes with the food, Jack Hunter decides to fuck the squash and see if it feels as good as it looks. Kyle Connors and Kaleb Stryker find Jack balls-deep in the butternut. This gets them so turned on, so they decide to get naked and Kaleb starts sucking Kyle’s cock.

Nate can’t believe his dinner party has turned into a veggie orgy, but Jack encourages him to give the gourd a try. Nate’s dick gets super hard fucking the squash. Soon, he’s joining Kyle and Kaleb and getting fucked in a hot threesome as Jack watches and strokes his cock. Kyle, Nate, and Kaleb give Jack a triple facial before the veggie perv blows a hot load on the sexy squash.


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