Lucas Entertainment: Arad Winwin fucks Sergeant Miles in “Executive Authority” (scene 1)

Arad Winwin dominates Sergeant Miles in the first scene of “Executive Authority“. This is the latest movie from Lucas Entertainment’s “Gentlemen” series – featuring hot porn stars having sex in suits.

Sergeant Miles has always been a take-charge kind of guy. When he jumped into the white-collar business world after getting out of the military, he brought with him the no-bullshit attitude he earned while in the service. But he never met a Persian executive quite like Arad Winwin, who always gets his away at the end of a meeting.

Before Sergeant knows it, his face his beet-red gagging on the cock of Arad, who takes a lot of pleasure from exercising his executive authority over Sergeant. And that’s before Arad Winwin spins Sergeant Miles around and breeds him up his ass.

 The remaining three scenes from this movie will be released as follows:

Watch Arad Winwin fuck Sergeant Miles in “Executive Authority” (scene 1)

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Watch Arad Winwin and Sergeant Miles fuck at Lucas Entertainment



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