Lucas Entertainment: Arad Winwin pounds Bar Addison in “Anal Trashers” (scene 3)

The third scene from the Lucas Entertainment movie “Anal Trashers” finally brings Arad Winwin and Bar Addison together.

Arad is the ultimate power-top. Bottoming doesn’t even factor into his sexual vocabulary… unless he is telling you to bottom for him, of course. And there’s never a shortage of guys who want to give their ass to the rock-hard top cock of Arad.

The submissive twink Bar Addison specifically requested to give his ass to Arad Winwin, and when the production team brought the idea to him, he wanted the chance to destroy the butt of a bottom admirer. This is the encounter that ensued after they met on the set.

Watch Arad Winwin plow Bar Addison’s ass in “Anal Trashers” (part 3)

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