CockyBoys: Angel Rivera rims and fucks Avery Jones’ bare boy hole

Avery Jones returns to CockyBoys for a full Angel Rivera experience! Their instant chemistry is sparked with passionate kissing and mutual nipple teasing. It grows as Angel Rivera reaches around and slips his fingers into Avery Jones‘ hole. The intense pleasure motivates Avery to suck Angel’s ever-growing thick cock and big balls and he’s rewarded when Angel probes his hole more.


Angel soon gets Avery into a 69 so he can rim his hole while getting sucked. While he’s at it, he fucks Avery’s willing throat. Angel is in such control all he has to do is say “Sit on it” and Avery slides his hole on his cock and rides him. And once Angel is inside him, he slaps and fucks Avery’s ass every which way he wants.

Angel’s domination takes another turn as he goes back to sliding more fingers into Avery’s hole and prying him open. He even gets Avery to help by using his own fingers. And after spit-lubing him, Angel starts drilling Avery from behind and from above. He also shows the giving side of a power top by taking a time-out to give Avery a sensual blowjob.

It isn’t long before Angel resumes topping Avery, pounding him in a pile driver position. His targeted thrusts work and Avery cums, shooting a load all over himself. Soon after Angel pulls out to shoot a major load over Avery’s ass and breed it deep into him. With his cock still buried inside Avery, Angel leans forward to kiss him one last time.

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