MEN: Angel Rivera flip-fucks with Brysen in “Straight Shooter”

This flip-fuck scene – called “Straight Shooter” – is the second scene for Brysen. Latin hottie Angel Rivera has been waiting for his roommate to leave so he can have a little “me time.”

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As soon as Brysen’s out the door, Angel hurries to his sex toy drawer and fucks himself with his favorite dildo… not realizing Brysen forgot something. The top hears Angel Rivera‘s moans and sneaks closer to eavesdrop.

He then decides to give the bottom a scare, but he gets a surprise of his own when the startled Angel launches the dildo right into his face! Brysen feeds Angel his cock, and Angel rides his roommate, then takes a doggy-style pounding.

Then it’s Brysen’s turn to get drilled bent over the counter, and he continues the flip-fuck, taking Angel’s cock in missionary till he cums and sucking out Angel’s hot load!


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