Manalized: Angel Cruz takes Trenton Ducati’s big raw cock in “Daddy’s Angel”

Trenton Ducati raw-fucks Angel Cruz in today’s Manalized release, called “Daddy’s Angel“. Adorable tattooed jock Angel is hungry for Trenton’s rock hard cock. He just keeps on smiling from the excitement as he finally has his daddy all to himself, sucking his cock and making him happy.

Angel Cruz slobbers on his cock and turns around, showcasing his muscular ass for the taking. Daddy Trenton Ducati gladly accepts the invitation, eating his asshole like its a meal!

As he made him all nice and slippery, he can finally thrust his massive dick inside him. Pounding him was the most pleasurable sex he ever had, especially after he cummed all over his asshole and kept on fucking him, until his young lover was satisfied!

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