Andrey Vic & Charlie Cherry make Alfonso Osnaya watch as they fuck his BF Ricky Hard

Alfonso Osnaya is the cuck in the third scene from the Lucas Entertainment movie “Cuckolds & Alpha Cocks“. He watches as his boyfriend Ricky Hard gets fucked by hung Alpha tops Andrey Vic and Charlie Cherry.

Lucas Entertainment

Charlie is making a name for himself as an alpha bull, and this time he invites his buddy Andrey along. He’s on his way to teach another couple a thing or two about how a real top performs in the bedroom. And Andrey is the perfect addition.

The couple in question is Ricky Hard and Alfonso Osnaya, and they too have a good relationship… except in the bedroom. Alfonso is always coming up short with giving Ricky what he needs and deserves in bed.

Ricky Hard discovers that this actually turns Alfonso on, and he asks him if he’d be willing to give up having sex with him, and instead take on the role of a cuckold in the bedroom? He’d only be able to enjoy sex by seeing Ricky take dick up his ass and down his throat.

The hard-on Alfonso got from the idea answered the question and settled the issue fast. Charlie Cherry and Andrey Vic make quick work of setting the tone. Alfonso is to sit quietly by and see what a real man can do to please another guy.

Charlie and Andrey rough up Ricky and turn him into a human fuck doll. They leave his holes used and slick with cum, and Alfonso can’t get enough of the show.

Watch Charlie Cherry and Andrey Vic fuck Ricky Hard

Lucas Entertainment


Watch Charlie Cherry & Andrey Vic fuck Ricky Hard



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