Lucas Entertainment: Andre Donovan fucks Aaden Stark in “Destroyed In The Butt” (scene 2)

The second scene from “Destroyed In The Butt” is a hot interracial video for which Lucas Entertainment has paired up Andre Donovan and Aaden Stark.

Aaden’s sharp and angular good looks are put to good use while he’s taking and riding raw dick. As he gets fucked, the bottom moans like a bitch. Aaden Stark is especially attracted to black men, and he’s had his eye on Andre Donovan for a long time now.

Andre, who is primarily a total top in his sex life, he always happy to give a bottom bitch a good and deep dicking with his huge cock, and that’s exactly what Aaden gets!

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Watch Andre Donovan fuck Aaden Stark in “Destroyed In The Butt” (scene 2)

Lucas Entertainment


Watch Andre Donovan fuck Aaden Stark at Lucas Entertainment



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