Pride Studios: Amone Bane gets fucked by his stepdad Doctor, Trent Summers

Sexy Amone Bane makes his Pride Studios debut in today’s Family Creep update. When Trent Summers is both your doctor as well as your stepdad, you just know he’s gonna fuck you… sooner or later. That’s exactly what happens in “Nighttime Emissions“.

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Amone Bane has been cumming in his bed and he seeks advice from his stepdad Doctor, Trent Summers. The hot daddy confirms that it is normal and ends up with something better than a sucker for his doctor’s appointment.

Amone and Trent suck each other’s dicks before the top goes to work on Amone’s ass. He uses his tongue and fingers to prep that hole. He eventually pushes his raw cock inside and pounds his sexy stepson.


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