MEN: Alex Mecum, Markus Kage and Ryan Jacobs fuck in “Glory-ous Shower Fuck”

Glory-ous Shower Fuck” from the Network is a hot threesome, starring Markus Kage, Ryan Jacobs and Alex Mecum. The latter one is not even aware he’s part of a threeway though.

After his mom kicks him out in the middle of the night, twink Ryan Jacobs goes to stay with his dad Alex Mecum, but even more than the hospitality, he wants some of Alex’s boyfriend, Markus Kage.

Ryan Jacobs sucks Markus Kage’s cock in the bathroom, but the horny twink has to hide in the shower when his dad comes in. But Alex Mecum is also horny for some shower sex in the morning, and Markus is caught in the middle!

Markus goes down on Alex, then Alex rims him. Markus sticks his cock through a hole in the shower curtain, where the waiting Ryan sucks it as Alex fucks Markus doggy-style. The scheming stepdad bends Alex over and fucks him, and Ryan rips an even bigger hole so he can penetrate Markus from behind.

He cums on his hairy ass just before Alex blows a massive load. Markus gives Alex a facial, then sends him out for fresh towels, giving Ryan a chance to slip away.


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