CockyBoys: Alex Mecum and Manuel Skye double-penetrate Carter Dane

Are you ready for a wild threesome? That’s what CockyBoys is serving us today! This release features two milestones: married couple Alex and Carter’s first on-camera threeway and Carter’s first double-penetration in a scene!

Once they talk about what they want to do, they go for it: making out, exploring their bodies and sucking each other. It’s Manuel Skye though who boldly takes two dicks in his mouth at once! Manuel excites his buddies and Carter Dane makes his move. Soon he’s sits on Manuel’s face while sucking Alex Mecum, then turns around to get into a 69 with Manuel.


Alex is no casual observer either. He joins Manuel in rimming his hubby, then fucking Carter as he’s being tongued. When Manuel starts pounding Carter’s hole, Alex is there to get sucked as part Carter’s spit-roasting and offer up his cock for Manuel to suck.And in little time Alex and Manuel have switched places in Carter’s spit-roasting.

Carter Dane slowly transitions into riding Manuel’s cock and before long Alex moves in to slide his cock in too, double-penetrating Carter totally. Manuel goes over the edge he rises up to give a mouthful of cum to Carter. Manuel is far from done as he switches places again, double-penetrating Carter as he rides Alex. He pulls out again to cum on Carter’s hole and the dominoes fall.

Carter cums on Alex’s hairy abs and in rapid succession Alex fucks from behind and erupts in a thick load of his own before sliding back in. Manuel intensifies Alex’s orgasm by sucking him as he pulls out. At last they bring it down, still slightly giddy as they lie in each other’s arms, totally satisfied.

Watch Alex Mecum and Manuel Skye double-penetrate Carter Dane



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