MEN: Alex Mecum bottoms for Malik Delgaty in “The Preggo & The Boys”

This release – called “The Preggo & The Boys” – brings together Alex Mecum and Malik Delgaty. Malik’s wife is delivering, but when he notices the OB is wearing nothing but a jockstrap under his gown, he finds himself distracted from holding her hand.

The unprofessional medical professional grinds on Malik’s dick. He then pulls the expectant husband behind the curtain to suck his cock. As the nurse calls him back in, Dr. Alex gets ready to catch and Malik gets behind him and fucks him doggy-style while the women are none the wiser.

Alex Mecum and Malik Delgaty take the opportunity to sneak into the next bed where Alex rides Malik, then the top fucks the doc missionary till he cums and jizzes on Alex’s pretty face.


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Watch Alex Mecum bottom for Malik Delgaty in “The Preggo & The Boys”


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