CockyBoys: Aiden Ward and Sean Ford raw-fuck each other

The latest CockyBoys release is a bareback flip-fuck video starring Aiden Ward and Sean Ford. The sexy guys meet to explore their versatile sides in a hot nighttime flip-fuck! Their lips meet for some sensual making out and Aiden mouth-teasing the growing bulge in Sean’s tightie whities.

He gets close to taking out Sean’s cock but instead grinds his crotch on him and unleashes his own cock. And soon it’s Sean Ford lying back eagerly sucking Aiden Ward as he stands over him feeding him cock. Aiden bends forward to 69 with Sean who makes him harder by fingering his hole leading Aiden to get back on the bed for a side-by-side 69.


Sean though is soon focused solely on Aiden, swallowing his cock while finger-fucking him deep. And it’s just an easy transition to start fucking Aiden on his back and flip him over to drill him on his tummy. Sean gets close but as he kisses Aiden’s neck he wants his turn. While kneeling in a chair Sean gets rimmed & fingered and gets plowed by Aiden’s strong cock.

In time Aiden turns him around and Sean rides his cock, getting into a groove & working his hole on his cock. Aiden reaches around and strokes him steadily, milking a big thick load out of him. And as Aiden lies back to stroke himself Sean is right there to get a little facial and swallow up his cum. And as they kiss, satisfaction graces their sweet smiles.

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