Pride Studios: Hairy studs Ago Viera and Chandler Scott flip-fuck in “Pool Cubs”

This BearBack release from Pride Studios network brings Ago Viera and Chandler Scott together. The hairy studs take turns fucking each other in “Pool Cubs“. Ago was hoping to spend the afternoon lounging in the pool, but when he finds Chandler cleaning it, he realizes it’s going to be a few hours before it’s safe to go in.

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Not wanting to waste his afternoon, Ago Viera asks Chandler Scott what else they might do, as he drops his towel to show his hard dick sticking straight up. Chandler smiles and tells Ago there’s plenty he can do with that. He then leads Ago over to the patio sofa and pushes him up against the wall, sucking off the giant rock hard cock in front of him.

He bends over and lets Ago have his turn with his hole, but what his beau really wants is for Chandler to fuck the cum out of him, so he bends Ago over and gives him his own deep-dicking from behind, before flipping him over and pounding him until he jizzes all over himself.

By the time he’s done that, Chandler is ready to empty his load, and he does that, coating Ago with his nut. Lucky for cum covered Ago, the pool is just about ready, assuming he doesn’t mind one more splash down.

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Watch Ago Viera flip-fuck with Chandler Scott in “Pool Cubs”

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