Pride Studios: Adrian Suarez bottoms for Rikk York in “Deep, Hard and Raw”

This Pride Studios release – starring Adrian Suarez and Rikk York is called “Deep, Hard and Raw“. The guys start this scene with a series of long and passionate kissing. While feeling up each other’s bodies, they start to get hard.

Adrian Suarez and Rikk York slowly make their way to the bed and start removing each other’s clothing. When their pants come off, the real fun begins as Rikk goes straight for Adrian’s cock and begins to suck it. Adrian soon returns the favor and sucks on Rikk’s daddy dick. Soon after, Rikk begins to fuck Adrian’s bare hole until they can’t take it anymore and unleash their loads!

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Watch Adrian Suarez bottom for Rikk York in “Deep, Hard and Raw”

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