Adam Russo takes Nick Capra’s thick dick in “Secrets between Uncles and Nephews” (scene 4)

This is the fourth scene from “Secrets between Uncles and Nephews“. Nick Capra – who directed this feature film for Lucas Entertainment – fucks Adam Russo in this final scene from this movie.

Lucas Entertainment

There’s been so much scandal and infidelity among Paul (Nick Capra), Jeffrey (Adam Russo), Bryson (Drew Dixon), Dylan (Drake Rogers), and Markus (Sergeant Miles). But it’s time for old hurts to settle down, and Bryson and Paul finally begin to repair their relationship after Markus shows him the error of his ways.

This paves the way for Paul to reignite his sexual and romantic relationship with his husband, Jeffrey. And they consummate their fiery passion for one another with hardcore love and lust that only two husbands can experience together!

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Watch Adam Russo bottom for Nick Capra at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment


Watch Nick Capra and Adam Russo fuck at Lucas Entertainment



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