Masqulin: Thyle Knoxx takes Markus Kage’s raw cock in “The Trainer” (scene 1)

This video from Masqulin is the first scene from their “The Trainer” mini-series. Thyle Knox has hired Markus Kage as his personal yoga instructor / trainer. Markus Kage can’t help but notice that Thyle Knoxx has a fit, tight body with a bubble butt and VPL that marks a big cock.

And seeing as how their first calisthenics routine gets a rise out of them both, Thyle quickly schedules a follow-up session.

On his third visit, Thyle is feeling quite tight and Markus is ready to open him right up. Panting from the workout, Thyle is invited to open up his mouth and suck on Markus’ cock. Hesitant at first, Thyle gives it a go and a sweaty man on man sexual workout ensues.

Update [September 2020]: Watch Markus fuck Ace Quinn in part 2


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