MEN: Scott Demarco shows Tim Hanes and Damien Kyle how it’s done in “A Lesson In Love”

This bareback gay porn video is called “A Lesson In Love” and marks the debut for Tim Hanes. Slackers Damien Kyle and Tim Hanes don’t find the ‘Lessons of Love’ class from Professor Scott Demarco any more interesting the second time around. The two guys are interested in each other though.

Professor Scott Demarco spots the chemistry that’s keeping his students from concentrating. He calls them to the front of the class to give them some personal instruction, starting with making their make-outs more passionate.

Scott tells Damien to suck Tim’s cock and gives him some pointers, then advises Tim on the best way to fuck Damien Kyle’s bare ass. Scott then takes over to show the students how it’s really done.


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