Linus Gray submits to Thyle Knoxx and takes his raw cock in “The 4 Doors” (scene 4)

Sexy newcomer Linus Gray has returned to Masqulin for his second scene. In the fourth scene from the Masqulin series “The 4 Doors“, he submits to Thyle Knoxx and takes his big raw cock. Inside the dark lit 4-Doors Club, Thyle Knoxx makes his way to the door labeled ‘Submission’.

Inside, he finds a submissive bottom Linus Gray tied and ready to be used by Thyle’s big, thick cock. Linus moans in ecstasy while getting fucked and ready for his hole to be filled with Thyle’s fresh load of cum. Thank You, Sir!


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Watch Linus Gray submit to Thyle Knoxx at Masqulin

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