Pride Studios: Bearded daddy Jack Dyer plows JD Travis’ eager hole in “Locker Load”

The guys from Pride Studios have paired Jack Dyer up with JD Travis for some good old locker room fun! When JD joined this gym, he wasn’t sure if it would be a good fit for a guy his age. He was worried that it’d just be a bunch of young guys and that the place wouldn’t really feel welcoming for him.

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However, as soon as he meets Jack Dyer in the locker room, he quickly realizes he has picked the perfect spot to work out his tension. Jack has got a great body, and JD Travis suspects that he likes to squeeze in a little bit of extra work here in the locker room.

Squeezing it in is just what Jack has in mind, as he eyes JD’s eager ass hole when he bends over, and if he has his way, JD is about to get the workout he’s been waiting for and wanting for so, so long.


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