Next Door Studios: David Skylar pounds Michael Boston’s ass in “Stretch It Out”

This Next Door Studios release – called “Stretch It Out” – brings together David Skylar and Michael Boston. Though he looks forward to the quiet solitude of his morning yoga, Michael Boston doesn’t mind an intrusion when it looks and feels like David Skylar.

After watching him for a little longer than normal, David offers to lend Michael a spot to help him stretch those tough to reach areas. Michael willingly accepts and discovers that David’s muscular build isn’t just for show. His hands are strong and his grip is firm as he offers resistance to Michael’s movement.

Michael wonders just how in depth David’s deep tissue technique extends. Luckily for him, David has the technique and the tools to stretch Michael to his limits, which is just how he likes it.

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Watch David Skylar and Michael Boston fuck at Next Door Studios

Next Door Studios

See David Skylar and Michael Boston fuck at Next Door Studios


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