MEN: Bar Addison gets fucked by his stepdad Greg McKeon in “Family Cums First” (scene 2)

Bar Addison gets fucked by his stepdad Greg McKeon in the second scene from the series “Family Cums First“. After Bar Addison finds out his new stepdad, Greg McKeon, fucked his boyfriend, he kicks Daniel Hausser out and then demands to know why Greg never came onto him.

Now that Greg knows about Bar’s interest, he’s raring to go. Bar immediately drops to his knees to show that he is the best cocksucker in town. Greg is impressed by his stepson’s deep-throating skills. The horny stepdad sucks Bar’s hard dick and then fucks the hot twink on the dining room table!

Bar loves that stepdad cock in his tight hole and he cums as Greg pounds his ass doggy-style, then takes Greg’s load all over his face… right as Bar’s mom gets home!

Watch Greg McKeon fuck Daniel Hausser in part one


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Watch Bar Addison and Greg McKeon fuck in “Family Cums First” (scene 2)


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